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Should HR Care About Big Data?

Recorded on June 24, 2014 with Training Industry

Presenter: Ed Cohen, Learning Industry Consultant

Tired of hearing about how big data is changing the world? We all know that “big data” is the latest buzzword in data mining and data analytics technologies, but how does it help learning executives?

Due to the rapid advancements in computer processing power, big data can now be broken down and analyzed, providing us with new insights into how people learn. Big data is not only set to revolutionize the way learning is designed, developed and delivered, but is also opening the door to immense possibilities of making learning more effective.

View the on-demand webinar to learn how big data can be used to deliver more personalized and adaptive learning programs for employees. This presentation consists of real life examples as well as insightful thoughts on new approaches and uses for big data within the training industry, including:

  • A general description of big data and how it came about
  • Big data in the training world, where it should be applied and where it shouldn’t
  • Why big data is important to upper management
  • How big data is currently a part of mobile – both in and out of the training space


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