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Time is Money: How Much is Your HR Department Worth?

Recorded on July 17, 2014 with Workforce Magazine

Presenters:Laurie Ruettimann, Industry Veteran and HR Consultant
Ted Frederick, Vice President of Workforce Management, SumTotal Systems

Everyone knows that time is money – but what does that really mean for you? With fast-changing business requirements, labor regulations and unpredictable labor market trends, the modern HR, Operations and Finance leaders are under extreme pressure to manage the workforce as efficiently and effectively as possible. This means changing how we think about workforce management.  

Workforce management is all about keeping your employees productive, engaged and protected.  View the on-demand webinar for tips, case studies and expert advice on how to keep your workforce management strategy successful and up to date, including: 

  • The Real Definition of Workforce Management: How management theories and software solutions align to meet the real world needs of today’s organizations
  • Talent Alignment and Mobility: How does one create an environment of active engagement and continuous improvement for your employees? 
  • Thinking Strategically: The potential benefits of a WFM software to plan and monitor your recruiting efforts, increase productivity, train your workforce, and improve time and attendance tracking


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