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Managing Complexity: Getting Managers to Lead Effectively in an Ever-More-Complex World

Experts agree that complexity in business is real and here to stay. Global markets and customers, tighter budgets, fewer resources and virtual teams, an aging workforce, generational differences in work commitment, increased governmental regulation, as well as a range of other issues, all contribute to this increased complexity and accelerated pace of change.

In addition, employees are feeling pressure from work and in their personal lives: increased workload, higher performance expectations, aging parents requiring more assistance, providing for college tuitions and their own retirements, and in the case of younger workers, a desire for more work-life balance.

Managers must keep their teams focused and aligned, and find ways to effectively lead in this environment. In light of this, managing complexity in today’s inter-connected world has become a core competency.

Top performing HR organizations are focused on reducing complexity—in their functions, but primarily for the managers and employees. View the on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • What it takes to effectively manage and lead in this environment, and the role HR leaders can play in enabling this to happen
  • The challenges organizations are likely to face along the way and steps that can be taken to successfully address them 
  • Noteworthy case studies and some of the key lessons that have been learned by those leading the way on this front


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